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When traveling for important meetings and events, it is essential that you book the right hotel so the only thing you need to focus on is your event!   


Based on your specific preferences and needs and through our rigorous Hotel Site Selection Process, Metis, LLC will gather the best possible room and venue options from a wide range of properties and venues. We research every facet of the hotel or venue including, but not limited to, guest services, facilities, amenities, loyalty programs, financial obligations, and ever other aspect that might impact your stay. As environmental and social justice are near and dear to our hearts, we also like to partner with those who share our mission as we do our part in protecting our planet and supporting the rights of all.  

As part of the Hotel Site Selection Process, we will ask that you complete a quick but essential questionnaire to grasp your specific expectations so we can efficiently and accurately provide you with the best hotel room options to meet you needs. 

Below is the initial Inquiry Submission request which allows you to enter the basics of your needs - including hotels site selection. Once received, we will respond back to you within 24 hours and include the questionnaire and any other final details we might need to know. 

We look forward to the pleasure and honour of working with you to ensure a successful and festive visit.


Thanks for submitting!

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