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Shirin Kooros

Over the course of a 20-year career, Shirin Kooros gained extensive knowledge of, and appreciation for the hospitality industry and its nuanced intersection with the  diplomatic community. As Director of Protocol and Director of Diplomatic Sales at the landmark Willard InterContinental and Watergate Hotels respectively, Shirin developed a close relationship with the diplomatic community and has welcomed over one hundred head of state visits, in addition to ministerial and high-level delegations. Additionally, through her keen appreciation for the logistics behind similar events, she successfully spearheaded  the hotel-level marketing, planning and execution of five presidential inaugurations and a dozen International Monetary Fund meetings. 

Through Metis, LLC, Shirin convened like-minded, passionate experts in the hospitality community to provide  a variety of services.. Most recently, with an eye to the future, the company has expanded its collaboration to focus on social and environment justice and the intersection with the hospitality industry. Specific to this priority, Metis, LLC maintains a close and strategic alliance with the industry leader, Eaton Workshop, as it strives to shift accepted norms to exemplify social justice and environmental responsibility both domestically and internationally.

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