Hotel Sales & Branding

Sales, Marketing and Branding Services Offered by Metis LLC

Your brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room - Jeff Bezos

The success of an enterprise is tied to several factor which, when working in harmony, can create its identity; its brand. The stronger the brand the greater the opportunity for growth, financial health and survival.


At Metis, LLC, through our years in the hospitality industry, we are keenly aware that hotels are no different and that a strong sales and marketing effort, supporting and showcasing complementing services and products, are paramount to creating a successful brand. We also understand that each hotel is inherently different as is each customer - one size does not fill all. At Metis LLC, we drill down into the core of the desired identity of a hotel and then build out from there. In so doing, we are able to implement the necessary sales and marketing strategies to attract the right client and build a brand identity around them.


Sales efforts involve building the right team to represent the hotel; its culture, image, philosophy, services and product. Through our extensive human resources network, we help draw in the talent needed to attract customers Beyond the sales team members, and marketing for hotels when we recommend our clients to them. As we look for our clients, we market their services. We make sure clients are aware of the services they offer and how to access them. We provide custom-designed marketing services. For example, when we offer inauguration services, the service is only customized for the inauguration period. We study the industry and analyze it to advise the hotels on how to improve their skills. We provide them with marketing calendars that match our marketing designs and targets. We ensure clients know what is happening at the hotels, and any innovations at the hotel become known to the clients. Our marketing is strategic to our clients' needs and yields fruits for the hotels we recommend.

Every hotel is unique in its way. It's unique in its services, its taskforce, its facilities, its management, and its ability to make clients comfortable. While marketing and making recommendations for the hotels, we make each one come out in their unique characteristics. That is called hotel branding. We brand every hotel according to its unique features. Other hotel branding services we offer as Metis LLC include products and services reviews, destination management services, conferencing meetings, negotiations on benefits and amenities, and much more. We brand the hotels we are in service with using the truth only. Our brands are unique, and each of them stands out. If you wish to get the services of a well-branded hotel, look for recommendations from us because you will not be disappointed. Hotel branding is essential for every organization. Hotels that need proper branding and marketing services should seek our services because that is part of our specialization.