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Your brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room - Jeff Bezos

The success of an enterprise is tied to several factor which, when working in harmony, can create its identity; its brand. The stronger the brand the greater the opportunity for growth, financial health and survival.


At Metis, LLC, through our years in sales and marketing, we are keenly aware that branding and sales and marketing go hand in hand. A strong brand is only as good as the sales and marketing efforts behind it and a a strong sales and marketing effort can only succeed based on the purity and reputation of the brand showcases.  We also understand that each business, each hotel, is inherently different, as is each customer - one size does not fit all.



Hotel pre-opening sales team recruitment

Sales team deployment

Budget & Forecast development

RFP pipeline development

Pricing strategy by segment and channel

 Sales Distribution Channel Management

Alignment of the Sales efforts with the Hotel Revenue Management Strategy

Group pricing & overall revenue contribution evaluation

Wholesale & Negotiated rates performance analysis

Reservation Operations



Our approach is to drill down to the core of the desired identity and then build out from there, in so doing, we are able to implement the necessary sales and marketing strategies to attract the right client and build a brand identity around them.


Sales efforts involve building the right team to represent the brand; its culture, image, philosophy, services and product. Through our extensive human resources network, we draw in the talent needed to attract the right customers and retain them. Our network includes alumni from both large hotel brands to unique smaller brands, from the traditional to the unconventional.


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