The Presidential Inauguration is one of the most unique and significant  events you could experience -  one requiring a Washingtonian Insider's expertise to ensure its success. At Metis LLC we have the network, hotels, services and knowledge needed to ensure the only decision you need to worry about is what to wear to the Ball in the evening!    

  • Hotel research and recommendation.

  • Site inspections and feedback.

  • Product and service overviews.

  • Amenities and benefits negotiations.

  • Contract negotiations and execution.

  • Hotel liaison and on-property contact.

  • Destination management services.

  • Transportation services.

  • Security services.  

  • Event information services.

There are three priorities we focus on when finding you the perfect hotel; price, purpose and, of course, location. Based in Washington DC, from boutique properties to renown chains, we work with a broad range of hotels because when it comes to travel, one-size does not fit all.

  • Hotel research and recommendation.

  • Competitive group rate quotes.

  • Site inspections and fam trips.

  • Product and service overviews.

  • Amenities and benefits negotiations.

  • Contract negotiations and execution.

  • Pre- and post-conference meetings.

  • Hotel liaison and on-property contact.

  • Registration services.

  • Destination management services.

  • Transportation and security alliances. 


Metis provides short- and long-term strategic guidance and management to address specific areas of improvement.  Areas of specialty include a focus on sales, marketing and operations. Projects are carefully customized to suit the scope of work involved and desired objectives of our clients.

  • Analysis of current state of operation.
  • Outline of desired outcome.

  • Definition and allocation of resources.

  • Review of industry "best practices".

  • Establishment of benchmarks.

  • Development of executable plan.

  • Implementation of policies & procedures.

  • Realignment of existing personnel.

  • ​Staffing recruitment.

  • Comprehensive debriefing.


A core expertise at Metis is strategic and tactical yield management, with a total revenue management approach. From one-time branded projects to continuous support for independent properties, we analyze our clients current situation and help them get to where they want to be. Our approach is tailored to create, automate and maximize tools for efficient decision-making while saving systems costs. 

  • Pricing Strategy  Business mix analysis

  • Distribution channel audit , optimization 

  • Market assessment & hotel positioning

  • Competitive Set & SWOT analysis

  • Total Revenue Management

  • Analysis & recommendation

  • Pre-opening  asset management support

  • Forecast / budget tools & support


Metis offers personalized marketing solutions designed to bring consumers and brands together and, through a clear understanding of marketplace trends, increase exposure, market penetration and brand perception.  Metis works within its client's budget and timeframe to maximise efficiency:   

  • Definition of brand objectives and needs.
  • Custom-design marketing campaigns.

  • Creative and measurable promotions.

  • Marketing partnerships and calendars.

  • Comprehensive action plans.

  • Efficiency and yield analysis.

  • SWOT analysis.​Competitor research 

  • Industry trend analysis.

  • Social media strategy and plan.


You are unique! And at Metis, LLC we want to help create and convey that uniqueness. From brand concepts to logos to merchandising, we offer a full complement of services to ensure you stand out in a crowd. Our on-staff team will help you create your identity starting with the creation of your logo through  

  • Holistic branding guidance.

  • Logo conception and design.

  • Product design and production.

  • Inventory maintenance.

  • Supply and distribution management.

  • Competitive rate assessment.

  • Local sourcing.